#1 Mistake When You First Meet a Girl

Man, first impressions are a BITCH.

When you first meet a woman, she’s going to judge you within 3-5 seconds…

And if that first impression isn’t a good one, you’re done, man.

She’s already decided you’re not attractive and she’s barely paying attention to you.

Here’s one of the biggest mistakes that creates an AWFUL first impression:

Poor eye contact.

Even if you’re nervous as hell, you can still pull off a killer first impression if you just remember – do not break eye contact!

But if you screw this up, she can tell right away that you’re not confident or cool and she’ll write you off immediately.

Here are some examples…

>> Breaking eye contact and looking DOWN – this is body language for “I’m a super submissive wuss and I’m intimidated right now”

>> Looking around the room instead of focusing on her – another sign that you’re not fully present (probably because you’re nervous around her).

>> Looking at her body – yep, she can tell. If she’s hot, she’s used to guys looking at her tits and ass all the time – and if you do it too, she’ll assume you’re just another thirsty desperate loser.

Here’s the best way to fix this:

Choose ONE of her eyes, and just look directly into that one eye while you’re talking to her.

She can’t tell you’re doing it – she’ll just feel like you’re making powerful, dominant eye contact.

And it will be easier for you, since you just have one thing to focus on.

Bonus tip – while looking her in the eyes, think really warm, accepting, CONFIDENT thoughts to yourself.

Thoughts like…

“Wow, you are so beautiful.”

“I completely accept you.”

“I wonder what kind of amazing adventures we’re about to have together.”

“You are going to LOVE it when I do naughty things to you later…”

Why am I telling you this?

Because… whatever you’re thinking and feeling is going to be expressed through your eyes.

And she’s going to feel it, instantly. Without words.

Try it out and you’ll see for yourself – the eyes are the most direct, HONEST way to tell how another person is feeling.

Or, as women love to say… “the eyes are the window to the soul.”

So if you’re thinking negative, anxious thoughts – she can tell by looking at your eyes. And she won’t be attracted to you.

But if you’re thinking amazing, attractive, confident thoughts – she’ll feel that too… and be drawn to you like a magnet.

That’s what a “vibe” really is – that magnetic feeling shared between you and her, in the moment.

And you can control the vibe with your eyes, anytime you want.

Pretty cool, right?

Very simple – and very powerful.

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