Had Sex This Month Yet?

Have you ever gone a month or longer without sex? If you fall in line with statistics, you have. In fact, I bet you’ve had even longer slumps. Maybe even YEARS.

Man, I feel for you. Those slumps are terrible.

Loneliness. Self-esteem drops. You seem to get hornier. You lock yourself in your room. Hours upon hours of internet porn. You feel disgusting afterwards. Wishing you had a real woman in front of you.

Then you feel helpless. Wondering when the next time will come. The next time you’ll get laid. When you’ll kiss a girl again. Put your tongue in her mouth. Feel the warmth of her insides. Hear her moan.

It seems like it’ll never happen. Full-on depression kicks in. You don’t even feel like a man. Why live like that? You know that you only live once. Right?

Are you going to make the most out of your life, or live like some hermit feeling sorry for himself? I don’t care about your crappy income, beer belly, living situation with mom, or your 1985 hatchback.

All of those are excuses. There are guys out there with LESS than you that are getting laid. Not by accident. By their own POWER. They’re out there creating their own luck.

So, what will it be? More slumps? Or going out, picking the woman you WANT to have sex with, and approaching her. Then taking her to the motel or your place, having her strip down to nothing, and mimic all those moves you USED to watch in the porn flicks.

Did I grab your attention? Good. Now learn the skill and say goodbye to that slump.

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