It Just Happened

I have spent a lot of time talking about mental, sexual foreplay and setting the tone and taking the lead.

There is one point in the process where you do not want to talk too much.

When things are actually headed to the bedroom.

This is the famous “It just happened” clause…

Let’s say you’re with a new woman, and you have been romancing her and giving her plenty of sexy dirty talk.

She will eventually end up with you in your living room.

Now, she knows exactly what’s going on. She’s alone with you in your place, and you put on some sexy music. She knows the deal.

But whatever you do, do NOT say it! Do not articulate it. Do not give it words. Women never want to talk about what they are doing, when they are going in a sexual direction.

But they want it to happen NONE THE LESS.

You want to just let things happen as if “it just happened.”

She should always be able to rationalize it later by simply saying “it just happened.” And that is only possible if you do NOT talk about it…

…Even while it’s happening!

You want it to be like two people got swept away in passion.

But eventually, things escalate. Two people are making out passionately on the couch. And at some point, things are going to move into the bedroom.

But you don’t SAY that. Instead, you simply stand up, take her hand, and lead her into the bedroom.

Note: You do not SAY what is going to happen. You do not ASK for permission. You just do it.
Now she is free to just pull you back onto the couch, and that is fine. You can later figure out how you misjudged the situation, and you can make the move again another time.

Eventually, she will simply follow you. She is not going to SAY that she is going to follow, she will simply follow your lead.

“It just happened!”

Ok, so now you two are on the bed making out passionately.

By this point, a woman has already decided how far she is going to go. She has already decided in her mind what she will and will not do that night. There is nothing more you can say or do in the bedroom to change her mind, without losing respect.

But she will not SAY what she is willing to do or not, and you certainly can’t ask her, because that would violate the “it just happened” rule.

And you do not know what decision she had made. So, you have to find out for yourself by doing all that silly clumsy stuff like taking off her clothes one piece at a time while she’s lying on her back.

It’s silly, I know, but that’s how it goes when you are doing the incremental “it just happened” stuff.

Keep the talk metaphorical. Avoid using the names of body parts. It is all about being swept away by passion for each other. It is all a mind thing.

At some point, she may stop you. If she does, do NOT push hard past that. If you push too hard, she will lose respect for you.

If it doesn’t go further that night, let it be. Act like nothing wrong happened.

I know this is hard for some of you guys to swallow, but be confident in knowing that she WILL melt in your arms.

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