big problem?

Oftentimes I see guys get tested and you know what happens?

They push the nuclear button.

That’s their way of dealing with her bs.

These guys don’t want “the unnecessary drama” so they will go ballistic.

Please listen to me when I tell you, that is NOT effectively responding to her test.

If you don’t like unnecessary drama, stop doing things that create drama.

But guess what? She’s going to test you as well.

Especially if you look like a catch.

The only question is how do you handle it?

You can read how I handle them here.

Now look… I know some weirdo PUA “guru” guy is out there saying you have to set the girl straight.

You’re the “alpha male” and all that BS nonsense.


Do that and all you’re creating is drama for yourself.


Because she’ll NEVER comply.

She’s a female.

It’s in her DNA.

There’s a better way to deal with this situation:


Not cry.

Not feel put down.

Do that and you not only pass her test but you’ll also have ratcheted up your value in her eyes.

Get it?

I hope so.

Now go here and learn how to do it:

No More Shit Tests

There are exact words there to say for every situation.