The joys of bisexual women. (By David Shade)

Everybody loves pussy.

Even most women.

While sexual orientation in men is quite rigid, gay or straight, women are a different story.

Women who are otherwise heterosexual can often enjoy other women sexually, and it’s not weird or uncomfortable.

In fact, last week in my VIP interview with Jaclyn, she revealed that her first sexual experience and orgasm was with her best friend, a girl.

As many of you know, my old girlfriend, Suzanne, and I would pick up bisexual women for threesomes.

To appreciate bi women, you have to be strong. You have to practice dominance, control, and leadership.

To have threesomes, you need to create an environment where your woman can express the ruthlessly sexual animal inside of her (and the other woman too, for that matter).

Do that, and you will be living out sexual fantasies that other men just dream about.

Let me share with you a little anecdote:

One of our first threesomes was Cassandra, a stripper. We found her at a Goth nightclub.

I was getting drinks at the bar and caught sight of this magnificent brunette…

She caught me looking at her. I kept right on looking.

She kept right on looking…

After a few seconds of this, she smiled. I smiled back.

That’s dominance, by the way. You can’t express any interest if you’re shying away.

Suzanne and I get to talking with her, and we all start hitting it off.

It wasn’t long before Suzanne’s bi-sexuality came up in conversation.

At this point, Cassandra smirks, looks at both of us coyly and says, “I know where this is leading.”

She asked me how I feel about Suzanne’s bisexuality.

I said, “I think it’s very natural. In fact, in Asia, a woman’s first lover was another woman. A more experienced woman would teach a young woman how to enjoy her body. She would teach her all the ways in which her body could be pleased.”

Cassandra asks me how I like dating a bisexual woman.

I said, “I am interested in Suzanne’s safety and pleasure.”

Right there, I establish a dominant, confident frame.

I’m there to give her experiences. I’m not worried about myself, and I’m sure as hell, not jealous.

As is turns out, Cassandra told us that she was in a relationship with a man who did not appreciate her bisexuality.

He was crazy jealous!

Cassandra said to Suzanne, “You are so beautiful.”

Suzanne told Cassandra, “You are so sexy.”

We took her home.

I’m not telling you this story to brag…

I’m sharing it to show you what is possible.

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