“Why does she flake out on me?”

I know sometimes you have a situation where she doesn’t call you when she says she’s going to, doesn’t return your call, doesn’t show up or cancels your plans.

And, I know when this happens, you want to contact her and give her a
difficult time about it.

My question to you is why?

Why is this the first thing that comes to your mind?

Let me guess…

You are going to prove you won’t stand for such behavior.

Perhaps you think somehow she’ll “see the error in her ways” and come around to you.

Sadly, someone told you this works.

Well… time for some tough love my friend… when you do this, what you are actually conveying to her is:

You have a fear of loss, you’re desperate and needy

You are attached

You seek acknowledgement

You are a wounded child

You are “the provider”

You care and are really into her

You are available

You are predictable


The one thing you are NOT conveying, (that you absolutely must be), is that there’s ANY sense of urgency to get together with you.

Basically, you are acting like you are already in a serious relationship… before you are actually in one.

Would you want to get together with someone like that?

Of course not.

I want you to consider:

She may have a great reason.

You might have been the wrong man in your first interaction with her.

You will want to look at what YOU might have been, rather than immediately blaming HER.

Most often, they’re just reacting to your actions.

So, if you are going to be angry with someone, be angry with yourself.

Here’s the tough love part…

Flaking, in most cases, is NOT her fault… it’s YOURS!

What should you be doing or being to avoid flaking?


By not caring and not pursuing, you might actually draw her to you.

But remember, if you had been the right kind of man in the first place… flaking would be a rare occurrence for you like it is for me ,and my students.

Hope that helped.

Try it and let me know what happens.

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