Women love dominance and dirty talk

All of my experience going back to the early 1990’s points to the overwhelming reality that women love to be talked dirty to and they love to be dominated.

That’s why they so often fall for Bad Boys. The Bad Boy is the only place most women can even come close to getting that scratch itched.

I set out to do better.

I was a respectful gentleman outside the bedroom, but I was always pushing the envelope to see how very naughty I could make them be.

I would make up naughty fantasies and say all kind of crazy shit.

I would make a fantasy scenario where she is a very naughty little schoolgirl who was caught masturbating, and I am the mean, disciplinarian principal.

I would spank her and tell her how naughty she is and that she needs to be disciplined. “You’re being very naughty! You will learn to be a good girl! You are being so naughty, but you want to be a good girl! Come like a good girl!”

This would consistently result in powerful orgasms.

One woman I dated was the executive assistant for the president of a huge corporation. She was very proper and conservative and wore Liz Claiborne suits. She owned a condo on a lake.

I would take her out to the beach and fuck her on the picnic table where anyone with binoculars could see. I told her, “You love getting fucked where everyone can see you. You are so very naughty!”

Then, I brought her into her condo and fucked her in every room of her house, while telling her, “You love to get fucked! You can’t get fucked enough!” She would almost lose consciousness with the long string of orgasms.

Women love to be naughty!

I had also read stories about women being tied up, so I tried that.

I would tie her hands to the bedposts so that her arms were outstretched and she was restrained to the bed, unable to get away.

Then, I’d remind her how she is so very helpless and that I intended to do with her as I pleased and have my way with her.

Then, I’d tease her with oral stimulation and hold her right on the edge. Then, I’d ravish her by fucking her hard, which always resulted in spectacular orgasms.

They loved it!

They still love it. They will always love it.

Life is good, you can dominate women and have a great time. You just need actually to get out and do it!

By David Shade

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