The real reason romance novels sell so well

As men, we are visual creatures. We are aroused mentally.

When we see a hot woman in yoga pants at Whole Foods, we turn our heads.

A lot of men when they are seeking extra stimulation turn to porn.

Women, on the other hand, read 400-page romance novels. Romance novels are sexual entertainment for women. It is all about emotions and shared experiences. It gives them the chance to live the life they really want to live vicariously.

The people who understand the love affair that women have with romance are the authors of romance novels.

Nineteen leading romance novel authors contributed to a book called “Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women,” edited by Jayne Ann Krentz, University of Pennsylvania Press, 1992. It is a collection of essays describing the appeal of the romance novel.

It is fascinating and very enlightening.

Romance novels account for half of all book sales. Because women love them so much, I was curious about two things: what do women find so fascinating in the men featured in the books, and what is the psyche of the women readers?

This book would lead me to believe that what women admire in themselves is courage. Both of these manifest themselves or are played out, in her making a dangerous man fall in love with her.

The plot: victory for her is in teaching him to love.


“Heroes who are gentled by love yet who lose none of their warrior qualities in the process, and heroines who conquer devils without sacrificing their femininity.

It requires that the hero acknowledge the heroine’s heroic qualities in both masculine and feminine terms. He must recognize and admire her sense of honor, courage, and determination, as well as her traditionally female qualities of gentleness and compassion.

It also requires a sexual bonding that transcends the physical, a bond that reader and writer know can never be broken.”


And the male lead in the story?

A warrior to be tamed. The romantic hero is a leader-strong intelligent, untamed, tough, courageous, cynical, macho and dangerous.

Yet, he is communicative and, deep down, is susceptible to succumbing to the vulnerabilities of deep love.

She is a woman of intelligence, integrity, loyalty, faith, confidence, but above all courage. She conquers every challenge, the most difficult of which is taming the hero.

Sex in the romance novel is a celebration of the bond created between the heroine and the hero.

He also happens to be wonderful in bed. It is a given that a woman is entitled to sexual satisfaction and that a real man can’t be fulfilled unless his partner is also fulfilled.

The romance novel fills a woman’s need to learn to love herself.

In reading it, the woman escapes into a fantasy world where she can be everything she has always wanted to be and feel everything she has always wanted to feel with the security of knowing that there will be a happy ending.

If the romance novel teaches a woman to love anybody, the person she must learn to love is herself.

And there you have, in a nutshell, the emotional needs of all women in a romantic sense.

I could have charged a thousand dollars for the information in this email. Read it over and over and internalize it.

When you understand her psyche and what she needs, you will have the correct instincts.

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