Why they flake on you..

You’re a good looking guy, have great hair, hip clothes, flashy car, you’re successful in business and you know all the right people… you even have
no noticeable, nervous twitching.

Let’s say that none of this is over the top and you’re not using all these things as crutches.

Basically, you think you have your act together.

So why do you still have problems attracting women, holding the attraction and getting them not to flake?

Even after they’ve shown initial interest by approaching you, telling you they’re
interested and getting together with you for mind-blowing physical activity?

I bet you never thought you might have it TOO together for them

Here’s what I mean:

You might be too perfect.

Chicks want to nurture and fix you.

When they’re with you they try to imagine where they would fit into your life and what they would help you with.

You’ve provided them with nothing to fix…

You are ALREADY fixed.

And then there’s the other thing you might be doing…

You might also be doing something relationship oriented that’s giving them the ‘go signal’ to have those thoughts in the first place.

They RARELY do that with me.

They know the deal and don’t consider any other possibilities.

Here are a couple of other reasons directly from chicks:

‘You are a good looking guy, its because we’re afraid we’ll get hurt, its a defense mechanism we have because we have been burned so many times.’

‘I really like you and I like being around you, but I am moving so I am trying my best NOT to see you, I am sorry I am just scared.’

Believe it.

This is not a lack of attraction but you might be scaring them… they’re actually intimidated by you… which is crazy if you think about it.

All this time you actually had higher status.

The good news is that you’re much more powerful and attractive than you originally thought.

It makes total sense that they would fear you.

Remember, the hotter they are, the lower their self-esteem and the average looking men they date cheat on them less (they think).

Whereas with you, they assume that every chick feels as THEY do around you so you must get physical with all of them and they’re threatened by this.

What to do?

Relax a little

Go out looking a little like you just got out of bed once in a while.

Don’t worry about being too perfect.

Give her something to fix. 🙂

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