Never Debate in the Bedroom

The bedroom is not the place for debate or argument.

You will never win an argument in the bedroom. That will quickly cause her to lose respect for you.

As men, we are leading the interaction with a woman right from the beginning. We are dominant and set the tone and take the lead right from the first meeting.

We escalate on dates and on the phone.

We tell her what we would do if we were there with her right now.

We use dirty talk. We simply tell how much we desire her and what we would like to do to her.

And then we lead her into the bedroom.

We could experience pushback at any point, but it’s especially tricky when we experience pushback in the bedroom.

She might argue with the direction you give, or she might simply say no.

If something appears to be turning in the direction of a debate, instantly stop activity and lean back. You are no longer leading.

Change your position so you two can talk, and simply ask her what’s going on.

Let her speak her mind. Listen carefully.

Then acknowledge her and repeat it back to her to make sure you understand what she said. This is going to give you important information about her.

At this point, you are probably going to have to drastically change your plan. This is when a Plan B would be very good to have.

When you begin activity again, you are going to have to start all over with the steps.

But that’s okay. Keep your cool and just focus on your number one job: being the leader and taking responsibility for her sexuality.

Also, remember you’re not out to get sex. Your intention is to oblige her need for great sex.

This changes everything. It makes you outcome independent and non-needy.

When she picks up on this, she will be able to trust you.