Attraction is not a choice

A wise man once taught me “attraction is not a choice”.

And it’s absolutely the truth.

A woman does not get to choose who she is attracted to…

…Her emotions choose for her.

It’s NOT logical.

No man knows this instinctively.

It’s one of the key things I need to get my students to unlearn.

It’s the foundation of why I teach guys to develop social skills.

If, as a guy, you’re looking for a “logical” reason that a girl should be into you, then trust me:

You’re wasting your time.

The truth is, most of the time there is no “reason” why a girl wants a guy.

Her emotions are running the show. Period.


This is great news for you.


Because if you can make her feel the right emotions at the right times…

Then she’s pretty much yours.

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