How to stop pursuing

When I mastered the art of pursuing, one of the problems I had was a lack of time.

I let some of my friendships falter, spent less time with family, gave up my favorite hobbies, travel and everything else.

Have you ever thought about what you’d do with the time you’d save by NOT pursuing chicks?

This may be one of the reasons that you haven’t stopped yet.

Take out a sheet of paper and make a list of all the things you do in the pursuit of chicks.

The list could include:

Buying clothes, homes, cars or material objects.

Reading 12 different newsletters on the subject of “Picking up chicks”

Going out to “pick up” chicks

Walking around afraid to talk to them or anyone else

Spending time thinking about how unsuccessful you are

If you happen to have some good interactions:

Getting some numbers/e-mail addresses

Calling them

E-mailing them

Texting them

Worrying about whether they’ll respond (or whether you reach out a second time)

Reaching out a second time

Worrying about a response again

Beating yourself up about it (if they don’t respond)

Taking them on dates

Reaching out to them again and again and again

Taking them on more dates

Wondering how to keep them interested

Wondering how to take it to the physical level

Manipulating them (and allowing them to manipulate you)

Catering to their every need

Maintaining your success

Putting up with drama


(I could go on and on but you get the idea)

Now compute how much time and money you spend on each of these things.

How much free time would you have if you stopped doing all of it?

Now here’s the important part…

How would you fill that time?

Start listing some activities that would take the place of pursuing.

Removing pursuing and not filling the time may tempt you to start pursuing again.

Living more and being more are the goals here.

Examples could be:





Learning new things


This just might be the inspiration you need to stop pursuing and start living!

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