Say THIS to Spark her Sexual Interest

So you’re talking to a girl and it’s going well… you have things in common… you’re connecting…

Great. But how do you take things in a sexual direction?

Because you know that if you don’t… if you talk forever and never get sexual… then you’re just gonna be a friend to her.

And if that’s what you want, fine… but if you want to be “more than friends,” then you need to say something in conversation to spark her emotion and turn her on.

You can’t play it safe here, you gotta go “balls to the wall.”

Here’s the #1 conversation technique to spark her sexual interest:

Breaking rapport.

You have “rapport” when everything is going well… you’re getting along… she’s smiling and enjoying herself…

And if you keep going down that road, “rapport” is all you’re gonna have.

Instead, you wanna say something to “break” rapport… to push her away and get her fired up.

The key is to do it playfully, never seriously.

For example:

“You know what, you’re gonna get me in trouble… I can’t be seen talking to you anymore.”

“Look, I’m an asshole, you don’t wanna talk to me. Why don’t you go over there and talk to that super sweet nice guy, he looks perfect for you.”

“You are such a brat… isn’t it past your bedtime? Do I need to call your parents?”

Push her away with playful little statements like that.

Never let her settle in and get comfortable – that’s the kiss of death if you want to sleep with her.

Keep her on her toes, keep her guessing, keep her working for your approval.

Now, you might be thinking… “I’m not ballsy enough or clever enough to pull this off.”

Not true! Just tease her like you used to when you were 6 years old at recess… it’s so easy a child could do it.


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