In the next 8 hours, you could meet a new woman …

In the next 8 hours, you could meet a new woman …

Yes, you read that correctly.

And no, I’m not kitten you right meow.

Imagine this…

It’s Saturday afternoon, and three girls are sitting at brunch, drinking mimosas and talking about last night.

They’re slightly tipsy and doing what most women do at brunch these days… bitching about men on Tinder.


A girl’s cell phone vibrates, and they all look at her, waiting to see her reaction.

“Ugh, I can’t believe all these guys say the exact same thing…” she says, and she puts her phone back down in disappointment.

[Lesson – if your first message on Tinder sounds like every other guy, you’re already dead in the water. Avoid boring messages like “hi,” and avoid cheesy lines that look like you cut/pasted from a meme website]


Another girl’s phone goes off, and she looks at the message.

“Ah… he’s such a nice guy, but… come on. Why doesn’t he get it yet? I’m not gonna sleep with him but he WON’T stop texting me…”

Her friends all smile in understanding. They’ve all been there…

[Lesson – don’t send a barrage of messages to a girl you like. Be brief, playful, and push for the meetup where you can escalate physically. If it hasn’t happened yet… your odds are getting lower by the minute.]


The third girl’s phone goes off. She picks it up, and a sly smile crosses her lips…

The girls all start giggling like crazy.

“Who is that?”

“Let me see!”

“That is so hot…”

“What should we text him back?”

Together, they come up with a flirty response to this guy – our hero – and send it back.


He sends another message and the girls squeal in delight.

“He wants to hang out tonight,” she says. “What should I say?”

And her friends basically force her to say yes.

“Omg, say yes, he’s so funny…”

“You should definitely meet him for drinks…”

“If you don’t meet up with this guy, I will…”

You, my man, are the hero in this story.

You have now positioned yourself at the top of her “Tinder totem pole” – you’re the top priority on her mind, and every other guy is beneath you.

But the sad part is, a majority of men never make it there, and they lose a ton of interested girls because they fall into the “average guy” category and get ignored.

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I cannot possibly make it easier for you to succeed

Once you know how to spark emotions and get numbers …

You can cut through the clutter in her phone and be the hero who gets her (and all her girlfriends) drooling over what you say next.

All that’s left to do is capitalize and get her out on a date ASAP.

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