Are you asking me to make out with you…

So chicks are positively responding to your new way of being.

You are out there, being this new you… and all of the sudden “weird” things are starting to happen.

The thing is… you are used to failing, so you often don’t recognize whether it’s actual interest or not.

Sometimes she is vague and you really can’t tell if she is hitting on you or not.

You don’t know what to do (or who to be) …so you often end up letting the moment pass …and hand back all the power to her immediately.

Here’s a very quick way to find out:

Just ask her a question such as:

‘Are you asking me out?’

‘Are you hitting on me?’

‘Are you asking me to make out with you in the bathroom?’

‘Are you asking me to come home with you?’

It requires a simple yes or no answer …and …at least you’ll know where things stand right away.

What if she says, ‘No’?

Just say, ‘Okay, cool. Come find me when you are.’

Then, move on.

Actually, you can use these questions in response to anything she will say to you, even if it’s obvious that she’s not hitting on you.

Remember, it’s about having fun. 🙂

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If you are not getting the results you want right now, you have TWO choices:

1. Keep doing what you are doing and wasting your life.


2. Try something new.

Just don’t expect things to somehow “magically” change for you all of a sudden because you want results.

Ok, so you might be reading this right now, and you’re probably wondering…

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