The size that women prefer1

Women need men with big dicks, right?


If you’ve ever been uncertain about this read what this female reader had to say:


“It’s interesting how men are obsessed with penis size.

Personally, I prefer them smaller. I don’t have a deep vagina.

In fact, many women I know are afraid of the potential pain associated with big penises.

I know men with big muscles who are handsome but cannot find women for relationships because they have low self-esteem.

For women when we try to lose weight because somebody else wants us to do, we don’t lose weight. First, we have to love ourselves.

Like Louise Hay said, “Love yourself, if not, nobody else will love you.”

– Tatiana”


It’s not the size of your tool, it’s how you use it.

To use it correctly you must have correct knowledge and beliefs, and in order to seek out correct knowledge and beliefs, you must have healthy self-esteem.

Guys –

Physical fitness and muscles are great, but only if they first serve to make you feel better about yourself and improve your self-esteem.

If they are sought only to cover up poor self-esteem, they are a waste.

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As men, we often seek solutions through “things” and achieving ends.

The money alone will not solve financial woes. Big muscles alone won’t make you attractive. Techniques like the deep spot by itself won’t make a woman more responsive to you in bed.

You must learn to believe in yourself and feel good about yourself.

That is the number one goal of any self-improvement you do.

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