Did One Mistake Ruin It Forever?

How did it all go wrong? Did your last lover gradually grow distant? Or did one mistake force them to call it quits?

We’re humans. We’re not perfect. We make mistakes from time to time and that’s just how life is.

So what happened? What caused the breakup? Did you cheat? Get drunk and lose your temper? Say something you shouldn’t have said?

None of those are good. And if you’re guilty, your ex has plenty of reason to be mad. You can’t break somebody’s trust like that. But if you did, you CAN gain it back.

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You need to reset the relationship. Take it back to the beginning. You know – the good times. Back when your love was head over heels in love with you.

Right now they don’t see you in the same light. They see you as a negative in their life. But you can change that.

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