Why Young Women Get Physical On The First Date…

When I was growing up, girls were scared to sleep around, because if word got out – she’d be labeled as a dirty slut.

But boy oh boy, how times have changed.

Nowadays, being a “progressive” about getting physical is not only acceptable, it’s admired.

Think about it for a second…

Who are the female icons of today?

Kim Kardashian…
Miley Cyrus…
Paris Hilton…

Kim and Paris both have leaked sex tapes!

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And yet, these superstars are imitated and revered by young women everywhere.

Now, of course, in some ways this is kind of BAD.

After all, what does it say about the moral fabric of this generation?

On the other hand, it’s really GOOD news for older guys everywhere.

Because these days, if you play your cards right – the vast majority of younger women will sleep with you on the very first date.

AND once again, thanks to Kim Kardashian, the current generation of young women are more cosmetic than ever.

That means vampire facials, flawless skin, bleached buttholes, fake breasts that look and feel amazing, and baby smooth between her legs.

Is it superficial?


Is it a little bit sad?

Hell yes it is.

Does it mean the end of the world is coming soon?


But the first time a gorgeous, perfectly sculpted 20 year old sex kitten squats on your face – you’ll forget all about that other shit.

I guess my point is, if you’re an older man, you HAVE TO focus on women that you like more.

And NOT because some women are hotter…

But because nowadays hot women are actually MUCH more relaxed about sleeping with you.

She’s part of this new, wonderful, “proud to be a liberated female” generation.

And it’s time for YOU to cash in.

Ok, so you might be reading this right now, and you’re probably wondering…

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