Her text messages

Something I see happen all the time is…

Guys will start using material, and giving out their numbers

Often times without even believing it’s going to work.

And to their surprise chicks start texting them.

Now, when they do, you’ll need to know how to respond correctly.

Here’s how the conversation COULD go for you:

Her: Hey, Jim it’s Kelly from the other night

You: Hey, what’s up?

Her: Nothin, Just hangin’ out

You: So, I suppose u want to get together?

Her: Yeah, that would be great

You: Cool, I’m avail Wed or Sunday night

Her: Wed works, what do u want to do?

You: Drinks, my place, 8pm, 111 Main st.

This is where she either agrees or disagrees.

You have to be cool with either decision.

This, of course, is one of the most difficult things for most guys to do

Because they’re too attached to the outcome.

And where most guys tend to drop the ball,

Often times without even realizing they’ve sabotaged themselves.

If she disagrees with your plan just say,

You: “Okay, cool. Keep in touch…”

And you’ve gotta do it without any anger or animosity.

This let’s her know that there’s a consequence for not agreeing,

Shows that you have no fear of loss

And will also create a sense of urgency around you.

These, of course, are all things that build attraction.

If she agrees then you’re good to go…

Get it?

I hope so.

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