4 Bad Words

Online dating has made it easy for pretty much anyone to jump into the dating game (provided you have a smartphone, tablet, or computer, of course)…

Thanks to online dating, you don’t need balls of steel to approach random women in person. And it even lets you screen tons of potential partners or hook-ups in just a matter of minutes.

How do you screen them?

By looking at their profiles. And no, screening them doesn’t just mean looking at their pics…

Sure, some people are completely visual, shallow, and materialistic. But believe it or not, others still read what you write about yourself when determining whether or not they’ll give you a chance at love.

The dating app Hinge recently ran a study on what makes online dating profiles stand out – and what makes them get passed over. Here’s one of their most interesting findings:

Posting the following 4 words in your online dating profile makes you 53% LESS likely to get a conversation:

“Find me on Snapchat.”

In case you’ve never heard of it, Snapchat is an app that lets you post pics and videos. Think of it as an Instagram that’s less permanent – which allows you to get naughtier with what you post.

What’s so bad about putting “Find me on Snapchat” in your profile?

It’s the fact that it sounds like too much self-promotion. That it makes you seem arrogant. And while women love confidence, arrogance is anything but a turn-on.

When making your online profile or having a conversation with a woman, avoid too much self-promotion…

While you may think it makes you seem important and confident, it actually comes off as insecurity and what’s likely to be 100% BS.

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Now that you know “Find me on Snapchat” represents 4 words that will get you ignored and rejected, are there any words that will do the opposite so you can score some sex or hook that hot, loyal girlfriend?

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