Are YOU a Bad Boy?

What really defines a “bad boy”?

Tattoos? Wearing wifebeaters? Chewing tobacco? Riding a Harley? Having a prison record?

How about NONE of the above.

Those aren’t what I’d call bad boys. They’re more a$$holes, if you will.

So what is a bad boy? I define him by the following 3 characteristics:

1. He gets things done with minimal effort
2. He gets women to throw themselves at him
3. He gets women to reveal their dirty side
That, my friend, is a bad boy. An ALPHA male. And he is the man that all men really WISH they could be.

You see it’s not about being a prick. Or treating women like crap. Or trying to be a badass. It’s about having an aura that attracts women to you like a MAGNET.

Do you have to be born with this aura? Some believe so. But I don’t.

In fact, you can get it by doing things in this book:

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Do a few attraction triggers. And you know what will happen?


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