Exactly What to Say to Get Conversation Going


“What do I say?”

This is probably the question I get the most from guys who want to be able to sleep with and date the hottest women in the world. (or even just girls next door for that matter)

And while the answer to that is not exactly SIMPLE… it’s a lot easier to figure out than you think.

While on the path of learning the secrets of talking to anybody creative people discovered an exercise that will literally change your life the day you start practicing it. 


It’s called “Free Association.”

You can try this with a buddy or by yourself…

How you begin is one of you says a word… “Grape” for example.

Than the other one says a related word… like “Wine…”







And so on…

Now before you say “Hey… I don’t have a buddy who will try this me, they’ll think I’m a total dork!”…

You can EASILY do this by yourself as well… and you actually SHOULD be practicing this on your own while you’re on your way to a date… to a bar… or just going about your day.

Let’s say you’re walking down the road and see a rock by the curb.

As you keep walking, you say to yourself ,“Rock…. hard… metal… music… singing…. mouth… tongue… lick… ice cream…”

It can be a little challenging to come up with words at first… but before you know it, it gets very easy –and fun- to freely associate from word to word…


Well, all conversation really is making an association with what the person said before…

So what you’ll find is that after doing this exercise, when you’re in a real conversation with a woman…

ALL KINDS of things come to your head for “what to say”…

Your brain’s synapses have been integrated so well from this exercise that you have an endless supply of things to talk about.

So while before, you were drawing a blank… getting nervous… and then having an even harder time keeping the conversation going… (that nasty vicious cycle)…

Now you have 5 different choices popping up in your head at any moment and you can just go with the best one… or the one that feels the most fun…

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