The truth that terrifies men

If most men knew the true sexual nature of women, they would be terrified.

That’s right, terrified.

They have fantasies about all kinds of crazy shit. They fantasize about sex with strangers. They fantasize about multiple partners. They fantasize about men they know.

Women are just as horny as men, usually more so.

They just can’t express it for fear of being labeled a slut.

Her only hope is to find a man, a badass, a master Lover who can bring that sexual animal out of her, harness it, and give her a safe place to express it.

Only a real man can do that for her.

I would direct you back to the popularity of the “50 Shades” books that you hear me mention from time to time.

In the UK it was the best-selling book of all time. It sold more copies than Harry Potter – more than 20 million copies!

And who’s buying all these books?

Women of all ages.

Teenage girls, stay at home moms, college co-eds.

They’re all soaking their panties turning the pages of this book.

Walk through an airport and half the women you see will have a copy.

It’s crazy.

And this book is not a “romance novel.”

It’s filled with graphic descriptions of dirty, kinky bondage and domination sex. The press calls it “mommy porn.”

Look, you may know I don’t think much of the main character of the book, Christian Grey (turns out he’s weak and pathetic), but the fact is, women are going crazy about a book of kinky sex and domination.

What does this mean for you?

Women are desperate for a dominant man.

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