Do THIS To Get Her Number (works every time)

So you’re talking to a cute girl and thinking to yourself…

“I should probably get her number right now”

Don’t let that moment pass you by.

Do this:

While talking, get out your phone and pull up the “add new contact” screen.

Then hand her your phone and say nothing. She knows what to do.

The magic is all in what you did before.

You pull out your phone…

NO asking “can I please maybe kinda have your number…?”

Just calmly give her what to do. Be leading, and dominant, and confident.

So she can feel comfortable giving her number and seeing you again…

Because you’re clearly a cool dude who knows what he’s doing.

Think you can do that?

Right on.


Once you’ve got her number, you have to understand one thing.

If she gave you her number, chances are she’s giving it to other guys too.

And even if she really liked you when you first met, and she has EVERY intention of seeing you again…

Things change fast once you’re gone and all you’ve got is your words over text.

It’s true…

If she’s attractive, the odds are pretty good she has more than one guy texting her.

They’re on their frickin iPhones, texting some random guys just because they like the attention.

And that’s how it is with any girl that’s even remotely attractive.

So, look.

Don’t hate the game.

Accept the truth.

You have to assume that when you go to text a girl…

… you are competing for her attention with AT LEAST one or two other guys.

Maybe even more than that – it really depends on how hot she is.

And the hotter she is, the harder it is for you to compete.

So when you go to text her, don’t just say boring things like “hey” or “what’s up?”

And don’t go crazy trying to chase her down, either.

Play it cool, and keep flirting and having fun with her.

And once she’s responding well, don’t wait around forever… ask her out!

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