Do You Look Good Naked To Girls?

It’s a brutal question, but do you look good naked to girls?

Does the sight of you stepping out of your clothes make her eyes light up, or is it lights out?

You may have heard that women don’t care much about the way men look – particularly if they have a really big bank balance…

But basic biology warns a woman – at cave-woman level – that men who don’t respect and take care of themselves won’t respect and take care of her.

Worse still, he may even father children with the same negative attributes.

She’d rather jam a tampon covered in crazy-glue up her hole than let a guy like that sling one up her.

Listen: Lots of dating ‘gooorooohs’ out there will tell you looks and body don’t matter to women and you can charm them in other ways.

My answer to that: TOTAL BOLLOCKS!

These nut-jobs will say anything to get your money. I can’t bullshit you like that. It’s just not cricket.

Looking half decent and not carrying yourself like an elephant matters to a woman, especially if she’s thinking of putting her whole body at risk to have sex with you.

Now this may make depressing reading for guys who carry a bit of extra timber. But take heart – it’s not as bad as it seems.

Women actually have an ‘ideal body type’ for men, and it’s not what you might think it is.

Better still It’s easily achievable without becoming a gym-cripple or exercise fascist. All you do is eliminate a few bad eating habits, and knock out a handful of bad foods from your diet, and you’re on your way.

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