Myth # 1 Women don’t want sex.

This one is incredibly prevalent. It has a lot of nasty and ugly variations. Such as:

Women don’t enjoy sex.
Women have no sex drive.
Women only trade sex to get a guy or get married.
Or worse, women only trade sex to get gifts (or you can fill in: money/ status/ whatever.)

We’ve all heard these. They are not true.

Now this doesn’t mean there aren’t some corner cases where this is true. But in the vast majority of cases, it is a bunch of crap.

Guys perpetuate these stories, because they don’t know how to get a woman to enjoy having sex with them.

But the real truth is that… women want to have sex!

The fact is, women LOVE sex.
They love it, but only when they are comfortable with a man they trust and a man who respects them.

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Now just to be clear on this, the fact that women love sex does not mean that they are promiscuous.
It doesn’t mean that they go sleep around. Not at all.

Think about it, it was social conditioning that had us believe that women have to be talked into having sex,
or that it’s a chore that she performs, or that it’s an obligation. That’s all crap.

Women love sex. Women actually want to have sex.
It’s not a reward; they love it. They want to have good sex.

Learn a new way to think about women, and combine it with the actual techniques that cause women to become addicted.

You can actually find it in women’s fantasy books.
Women’s fantasies are far more detailed and erotic than any guy can come up with.
You can check a book out called ‘My Secret Garden’ by Nancy Friday. You’re eyes will be opened up.

Here is something that even a lot of guys find hard to believe: Women are actually more sexual than men.

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