Strange trick to conquering the “Bar Scene”

Rule #1 of going out to meet women:

Guys who go out to pick up chicks… don’t pick up any chicks.

Why? Because when you’re trying to pick up chicks, you’re needy. And neediness is repulsive.

The guys who get all the girls don’t NEED to get the girls. Their mindset is very different.

To show you what I mean, here are a few distinctions in the right and wrong ways to THINK:
Needy Guy – “What do I say to make those girls like me? I better wait until I have something good enough to say, otherwise I might get rejected.”

You – “I wonder if those girls are fun and interesting, or super boring and a waste of time… Let’s go find out.”

Needy guy – “Let’s go to a different bar, the party there is way better”

You – “Let’s invite everyone here, because we ARE the party.”

Needy guy – “Hey girls… here I am! Watch me demonstrate my value and be super cool…”

You – “Oh hello girls… there YOU are. Tell me all about you.”

Make sense?

Change your mindset, change your results.

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