This “50 Shades Of Grey Text” Gets Her Heart Pounding

Did you know… a vast majority of women like to READ romance and fantasize …?

(like 50 Shades of Grey, romance novels, or dirty Fan-Fiction stories on the internet)

It’s true. If you know a girl between the ages of 18-35 years old, it’s almost certain she’s used these stories …

The “written word” has a special erotic power over the female mind.

Here’s why:

A woman gets turned on in her HEAD before she gets turned on in BED.

Make sense? It all starts in her imagination.

But when she’s watching a movie (like porn)… there’s nothing to imagine, it’s all clearly laid out for her to see.

That’s why women don’t usually WATCH porn… they READ it.

When she’s reading a story, her imagination goes wild… and she’s free to indulge in every taboo, explicit fantasy that crosses her mind.

Now… what if YOU could trigger her sexual imagination in the exact same way?

If you could get her to READ something you wrote for her, something that was guaranteed to turn her on and get her thinking about YOU, it would get her turned on the same way she thinks about men in romance novels and erotic literature.

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