Send her this txt message

The text message is down below, but first, you
need some CONTEXT, so I’ve got an important
question to ask ya…

Are you finding yourself having to go out on 3-5
“traditional” dates with a woman before you get

Do you find yourself being talked into these dates
because you tell yourself that they’re NOT the
kind of girl who’ll just come over to your place?

Are you spending a lot of money being this way?

How much would you estimate?

Are you wondering what the problem is?

It’s simple.

They see you as the “provider” and not the
“friend with benefits”.

Want to switch that around right now?

If you have a traditional date this weekend,
take out your phone and compose the following
text message:

Text message: Change of plans…

(Part 2): Tonight. Wine. My place. 8pm.

[Now, press send]

You will be astonished at the response you get.


(I’ll show you what I mean in a sec.)

This is good for BOTH of you.

The ONLY place that you should be getting
to know each other is in the comfort of your
own home.

Remember, dating is for people in serious
relationships, so you need to stop acting
like you’re in one before you ARE.

(Re-read this paragraph again and let it sink in)

What if she doesn’t agree?

She might say, ‘I don’t feel comfortable doing

All good.

If she doesn’t agree for ANY reason, you now
know exactly who you’re dealing with.

She doesn’t fit your criteria for the type of
woman you want to hang out with.

Simply text her back: Ok, cool. Reach out
when you DO.

End of story.

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