Why It Sucks To Be A Man Right Now

You can barely switch on the TV these days or read the news without hearing another story about some guy accused of sexual harassment.

It’s gotten to the point where a lot of men are afraid to even look at a woman now for fear of being labeled a creep.

And it’s easy to fall into this trap…

To think you can’t flirt with and seduce women anymore.

That you’ll be looked at as some kind of sexual predator.

But here’s the truth that isn’t really being talked about:

Women are only calling out men who they didn’t feel any kind of sexual attraction to…

Guys like Harvey Weinstein and other power players who used their influence to bargain for sex.

And that’s the lesson here.

If a woman sleeps with you because she feels obligated… or only because she’s getting something from you…

She’ll see you as a creep or loser and feel disgusted by you.

BUT when you know how to trigger sexual arousal so deep she feels it in her bones…

Not only will she not mind when you have your way with her…

She’ll usually throw herself at you so hard it’ll look like she’s the one molesting you.

And with the current climate of #metoo and sexual harassment, you NEED to know this.

Because if you don’t, you never know when some girl will publicly call you out as a pervert and ruin your reputation.

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