Tempted by another man

This came in from Erika:


I’m semi-happily married to my husband with whom I share many interests, but he lacks any style in the bedroom. He has not been able to bring me to orgasm ever in eleven years of being together.

I have bought toys to help, and he actually gets jealous of them. I did tell him I like dirty talk and all the other things I know I like.

I even bought your CD’s, and he hasn’t picked them up to listen to them yet. He actually acted hurt over my suggestions of listening to them.

I have been chatting with another male friend who sounds like he knows very well how to please a woman and tells me all the things he would do to me. I have been very tempted to be with him but know it’s not really going to help my situation at home.

Then sometimes I think having a lover to satisfy my needs on the side is just what I need. This other person is only looking to sexually gratify me, nothing else.
I’m wondering if there is something else I can do to convince my husband to take my subtle clues I need him to be more interested in satisfying me. He does oral for maybe three minutes then wham bam thank you, mam.

I’m VERY frustrated all the time!! Help me because I’m soooo tempted to take this other man up on his offer.


Erika is on her way to leaving her husband. Poor thing.

She sounds like a good woman. She wants it to be her husband that gratifies her, but he is useless.

He is probably afraid to take control in the bedroom and is threatened by any effort she makes to address it.

How pathetic and weak.

She is going to end up fucking this friend.

Today, you have to be everything. A good man and a Bad Boy in the bedroom.

You have to take an active interest in getting good in the bedroom and understanding how that makes you a complete man.

And you may need someone to show you the ropes.

Hello, that’s why I’m here!

Let’s make sure your wife never writes me a letter like this one.

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