Fast & Cocky Flirting Tips Women Get Wet For! Part I.

Once you’re into a conversation with a girl (and I’ll explain the #1 way to approach a girl and “break the ice” in a moment), use these four simple tactics during the conversation:

Tactic #1 Mention how you two could “never date.”

You say something like this to her:

“You and I could NEVER be boyfriend and girlfriend. We’re way too much alike. We’d be breaking up all the time, and then having wild make-up sex and destroying all of my furniture and waking up the neighbors. It’s probably not a good idea.”

(And then you change topics.)

Or you say:

“It’s too bad I swore off dating girls like you…”


“You’re such a nice girl. You really shouldn’t be hanging out with a guy like me. I could get you in all kinds of trouble.”


“You’re such a sweet girl…you should probably be talking to a nice boy like the one over there (point to some dorky-looking dude). I’m more like the guy your mom warned you about.”

It’s all about creating SEXUAL CHEMISTRY with her, and a big part of this is making her think you are NOT into her. You mess with her mind, and then you reel her in and seduce her. Go here and I’ll show you.

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