Turning a failed relationship around

There’s a lot of messages from husbands who are in dire need of a sexual 911.


How can I get my wife more interested in having sex?

…Particularly in different positions? All she likes in the missionary position.

She said that sex is nasty. She says she is too big and that she does not like getting naked to have sex.

I tell her that she is not and that she looks great.

Our biggest fights always revolve around sex.





Mental foreplay buddy.

Command respect. Respect her. Do not be needy.

Then, perhaps gently in your case, start to implement dirty talk.

Instead of “having sex” you should instead switch to making her mind “escape.”

When in bed, you should “worship” her body, “savor” her body. Take lots of time savoring her body.

Spend lots of time massaging and touching her all over.

And dirty talk. Always dirty talk. That means narrate what you’re doing as you’re doing it.

Spend lots of time slowly working the deep spot or rubbing her clit and tease her by holding her close to orgasm for a long time.

Then, do NOT ask for anything in return.

I’m serious – don’t do it!

Just kiss her and go to sleep. (You can slip away to wack off if need be, but do NOT let her know this.)

Do that for a few weeks and see how things change.

Be the Man. Lead her. Command respect. Be exciting. And everything before and after sex is mental foreplay.

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