“Attraction” is Highest the First Time

It’s all about the idea of striking while the iron is hot.

The reason being when you have good attraction game, you get the girl as attracted as she can be to someone in the first 10-15 minutes, you can only go two different routes:

1. You can lose attraction as no one (besides George Clooney) can sustain super high levels of emotional attraction that long.

It’s just the nature of emotions that they ebb and flow, which is THE major reason why there will always be a minimal amount of flaking even when setting everything up the right way.

Attraction is an emotion of wanting more of a person, place or thing. Like any emotion it dims over time through the very ethereal nature of emotions as a whole.

This why I always recommend getting sexual as fast as you can to SOLIDIFY the attraction she is feeling

2. The girl starts trying to play a longer term game as they see you as someone who she’s so attracted to that she needs to hold off and try to make you her boyfriend.

This is why guys with better attraction game tend to get more Last Minute Resistance and Player Vibe (especially for better looking guys) because they got the girl so attracted she either went past what she was comfortable with (if she was a more prude girl) or she went so fast that she needs to now balance the scales and get the guy to invest a little or she runs the risk of being pumped and dumped.

So how does this affect your game?

Well if you’re looking for a sexual relationship with a woman (and not the FRIEND ZONE), it means you need to do a few things when you see a girl get SUPER attracted to you (Wide huge smile, lots of touching, laughing at things that are not funny in any way, admitting attraction when you use cocky humor etc..)

P.S. Memorize the phrases “What are you up to Later?” and ” What do you have going on Tomorrow?”…

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