The 8 most important things to know about women

I like to think about the overall frames of each phase of an interaction, because it gives some “basic goals” for the communication we’re trying to have with the girl.

So with that said, let’s look at the “5 Frames of Comfort.”

1. Cooperative.

Comfort is FIRST and foremost cooperative. Remember by this point, there is an obvious attraction between you and the girl. She’s also “worked” a little bit for your attention through the proper use of qualification.

By now it’s time for both of you guys to be working towards the overall goal of hooking up.

2. Emotional.

Comfort is all about sharing emotions and experiences. Now is the time to be really aware of what I like to call the emotional temperature of the situation.

Is the situation HOT and passionate? Is it sweet and loving? Is it FLAT?

You have to know what emotions the girl is having in comfort in order to gauge what emotions she needs to feel in order to move forward.

=>You’re probably missing more sexual signals from her than you think…

3. Sexual.

It’s important to demonstrate sexual interest in comfort.

In fact, I even like to alternate every “qualifying” compliment with a sexualized one. You need to show her you’re interested in her as a MAN is interested in a woman.

Not like a shopping buddy or someone who’s going to tag along as you go to a club.

4. Time Distorting.

In comfort we want to make a woman feel like she has known us forever.

The more we can do things like using multiple venues, “childhood regressions” etc… The more a woman will feel like she’s known us long enough to hook up with us.

5. Connection based.

Now when I say the words connection based, a lot of guys ASSUME I mean talking about some sort of intense emotional connection between the two of you based on “destiny.”

A connection simply means there is an overall relationship between a series of events. This means a connection is simply the theme that holds your comfort together.

The connection could be adventure based, sexual, emotional or any other number of things.

Now let’s examine the “3 Frames of Seduction.”

1. Teasing.

This is huge.

“Sexual push/pull” is one of the biggest secrets in the seduction universe. You want to AROUSE and DENY consistently until the girl is so turned on she actually does the escalation herself.

2. Sexual Rapport.

The frame of sexual rapport refers to treating the girl as a lover before she actually has become one. This is HUGE! You can assume sexual rapport at a verbal, physical and social level.

3. Controlled Passion.

The best way I’ve ever thought of seduction is as a controlled passion.

You need to convey that you are “struggling” to remain in control of yourself because of her. But you are still ALWAYS in control, which allows her to tempt you. Women LOVE playing the temptress.

Ok I hope that clears everything up for you guys.

P.S. Comfort and seduction can seem complicated, but a lot of it boils down to reading the situation and reading her.

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