Qualities your woman must possess

Everything you need to completely fulfill a woman is already within her, but a woman can only be as fulfilled as she believes she deserves to be.

Thus she must have a good sense of deservedness. And a good sense of deservedness comes with high self-esteem.

Additionally, the more intelligent a woman is, the more the mental aspects of female sexuality can be leveraged. Sexuality for women is entirely mental, so the more intelligent she is, the more powerfully it will apply.

Intelligence is to possess sound knowledge, the mental ability to learn, to conceptualize (make an internal model of a concept and be consciously aware of it), and to reason (compare and contrast, logic, analysis, and synthesis).

If you find a woman with good self-esteem, there is a good chance she is intelligent.

But the reverse is not necessarily true. There are many highly intelligent women who have very low self-esteem.

The more intelligent she is, the more you can leverage and benefit from the mental aspects of female sexuality. The more intelligent she is, the less your looks and the size of your tool will matter.

What will matter to her, and what she will respond to, are things such as who you are as a man, your intellect, and what you will learn as a Masterful-Lover.

If you find a woman who has high self-esteem and is intelligent, there is an extremely good chance that she is sexual.

But some women are more sexual than others. How sexual do you want to be?

“Sexual” means that sexuality flows through her veins, she is more interested in sexual concepts, she is more interested in sex, and she is more sexually responsive.

Sexual does not mean promiscuous. A sexual, intelligent woman with a high self-esteem can go for long periods without sex between relationships; she’ll just fantasize and masturbate while continuing to look for a good man. In fact, promiscuous is often an indication of low self-esteem.

Sexual is somewhat associated with high sex drive. Just because sexuality is an important thing to her, it does not mean she is always horny.

Additionally, there are plenty of horny women who are not “sexual” (they just want to fuck and get off).

Sexual is more of a cerebral thing, whereas high sex drive has a component that is determined by hormones.

A sexual woman will value sex, will derive greater fulfillment from it, will require that it is good, and will think about it often.

A horny unintelligent woman with low self-esteem will only value a man for his looks and his tool (and maybe his money, etc.) and will only be with him for validation.

A sexual woman will bring you a life of happiness and expansion.

A horny unintelligent woman will bring you nothing but chaos.

Would you like to be able to tell the difference?

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Select Women Wisely

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