Ways of Escalating like A Master

The Five Areas of ESCALATION.

Previously I had thought there were only THREE general areas you needed to escalate in.

They were:

1. Verbally.

You have to escalate the conversation to something SEXUAL. The quicker you can do this, the better your game works.

Unfortunately this is the hardest area to teach, as you can MAJORLY creep girls out with bad verbal sexual escalation.

The use of “releases” after sexually advancing statements helps a lot, but it’s still going to be learning by trial and error.

2. Physically.

This one should be the most obvious, but also takes some practice.

It seems like the more educated a guy is the more problems he tends to have with touching.

The key with touching is to come off as a “touchy” person.

If you start touching early on (think on the opener) then group or girl will have to accept that you’re just “touchy”.

This is much easier to accept than a guy not touching AT ALL and then starting to touch her more 15-20 minutes in.

3. Logistically.

Escalating logistically is one of the most overlooked and important ways we can escalate.

Whether you’re escalating logistically by setting up a date in the future, or by seeding a pull that evening. No matter what you need to try to move every girl to the next set of locations.

Ultimately ending up at somewhere SHE can comfortably have sex with you.

What I realized was that there are TWO MORE areas that are not talked about that you have to move forward on.

They are:

1. Compliance.

If you are not actively increasing the girl’s INVESTMENT in you, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

“Cognitive dissonance” is one of the most reliable phenomena in human psychology. The more a girl invests, be it time, effort, financial etc… the more likely she is to feel that she likes you.

In my case I talked the girl into letting me in the club, asked for drink tickets, then later asked her to hook me up with vip, got her to get me a pen so I could get another girl’s number and then I asked her for a ride home at the end of the night.

With that much compliance it wasn’t surprising she was posing naked on my balcony within 10 mins of coming in. Get girls to DO THINGS FOR YOU, even if they are trivial.

2. Frames.

There are different frames in Attraction, Comfort and Seduction.

While there is no static ” Attraction Phase” you will need to progressively move away from attraction frames.

Attraction frames are very playful.

They are usually “challenging” to the woman as well. (This one is HUGE is texting). Comfort frames are more cooperative and lead to an “Us” dynamic.

Seduction frames are all about roles and arousal.

You want to make sure that you are setting frames that are moving you forward as opposed to staying in frames that don’t give you CONTEXT for escalation.

Hope that helps everyone who has problems with escalation which can be a huge sticking point for most guys.

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