New Conversation Skills To Attract Women 2

Lets say you see this great looking chick on the street and you tell her, “That’s an unusual looking dress you’re wearing. Was that made out of a shower curtain?” She says, “Your mean! No, I bought this from the Old Navy store.” Key Words: Old Navy.

“Oh, so you’re in the Navy, huh?” “No silly. You know, the big store over at the Mall.” Key word: Mall. “Oh, so you like going to the Mall and buying strange looking dresses do you? Do your girlfriends buy them also?”

“My girlfriends are neat dressers and my dress is very popular I’ll have you know!” Key phrases: “girlfriends are neat dressers” and “dress is popular”. “Well, if your girlfriends are neat dressers in a popular dress like you’re wearing then I’m going into the shower curtain clothing business…”

I know, this is a lame example but the lessons are this.

1) You start a conversation with however you want then pick out key words or phrases from what the person says.

2) You repeat them in what you say then listen for new key words in there next response.

3) You add a little something new into the conversation repeating there words you’re using as Key words or phrases. This tells them you’re listening, even though you’re turning things around to be c/f in this situation.

It just takes a little practice. This is just one example of how you can start a conversation and keep it going. Hopefully it can be of help to you’re readers.

When I’m having a conversation with a woman, I’m not just listening for any key word… I’m listening for a particular kind of key word (or words). I’m always on the alert for any words or phrases that can be twisted, turned around, misinterpreted, and misconstrued (is that a word?) in one of a few particular ways…

…preferably in a way that says she stupid, ditzy, sexually crazed, or acting suspicious.

Here’s what I’m talking about…

She says “No, I bought this from the Old Navy store…” Instead of just keying into “Navy” and saying “Oh, so you’re in the navy, huh?”, why not take it to the next step and actually make fun of her…

“Oh, so is this what guys used to wear in the Navy a long time ago… in the Old Navy?”

Now you’re busting on her as well, and it’s funny.

She says “No silly. you know, the big store over at the Mall.” You might try “What kind of mall are YOU shopping at? And do your girlfriends buy dresses like that one too?”

Again, you’re hinting that she has funky taste and she shops in weird places.

She says “My girlfriends are neat dressers and my dress is very popular I’ll have you know!” You could go with “Oh, you have girlfriends? You have more than one? Do they all know that you think of them as a girlfriend? Or is one of them the special one? By the way, if you have cute girlfriends, then I think you and I are going to get along very well.”

Are you with me here?

What I’m doing is not only looking for key words to latch onto, but I’m also looking for ways to spin them to make fun, tease, and subtly suggest various kinds of racy topics.

There is a bazillion more examples of how to do it here, so check them out…

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In the meantime, here’s what I’m saying:

Use “Key Words” In A FUNNY Way, And It Works Like MAGIC
Once upon a time, a guy I know very well went into a nightclub. He was talking to a girl at that club for awhile, when she said “Well, I’m getting tired. I think it’s time for me to go home.”

The guy answered “Go home?! I just met you. I’m not going home with you!” She said “No, I mean I’m going home. I’m tired.” He shot back “Maybe you don’t hear me. I’m not going home with you, so don’t even ask anymore.”

She said “No, that’s not what I’m saying…” He replied “And besides, I’m sure my place is nicer than yours… so if anything, you’re coming home with me.”

This went on and on for about an hour or so. And you guessed it… she went home with him.

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