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Another off-the-wall (but pretty funny) example of this, is a story that a good friend of mine told me about one of his friends. His friend was talking to a girl at a club, and she was talking about what kinds of things she enjoyed doing with her spare time.

She said “…I like to go clubbing…” He came back with “Oh, like baby seals?” Now, that might not get a girl to come home with you, but it’s damn funny. Love it.

Here’s The Bottom Line:
This technique is great for keeping a conversation fresh, fun, unpredictable, funny, and ATTRACTION-BUILDING… if you know how to do it just right.

But right now you’re probably thinking to yourself: “Wow, that’s really great. I sure wish there was a resource available that could show me hundreds of great ideas like that… so I could know exactly what to do from when I first meet a woman to the first date… all the way up until we get physical and beyond…”

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Your friend,

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