Challenges to your dominance

Women will challenge your dominance.

This has tripped up many a man, put him on the backfoot and undermined his goals.

So how to handle it?

I’ll get to that but first, let me re-emphasize that you must be the leader. You have a goal. You have a plan to get there.

You do not share your plan. Your plan is not questioned. You simply provide direction that is to be followed.

That is what dominance looks like in practice.

You never allow your dominance to be challenged. “But she DOES challenge my dominance,” you say…

Here’s how you handle it:

You never ACKNOWLEDGE her attempts to challenge your dominance.

You never RESIST her challenges to your dominance, because that would acknowledge her challenges to your dominance, and that would allow your dominance to be challenged.

Instead, you simply LEAD.

There are two types of women who will challenge your dominance: 1) women who don’t want you to be dominant, and 2) women who want you to be dominant but are just making sure you are dominant.

Women will challenge your dominance in many ways, including: 1) telling you what to do, 2) asking you why you’re doing what you’re doing, and 3) refusing to comply to your requests.

You must receive absolute 100% compliance to your dominance. Anything less than complete 100% compliance is NON-compliance. It’s either there, or it’s not. If you continue without compliance, she will never become empowered as a sexual creature. Period.

If she refuses to comply with your requests, she has started a “compliance battle.” If she wins the compliance battle, she wins the “dominance struggle,” and that makes her the dominant, and that makes her the leader.

But women don’t want to be the leader. So she didn’t “win” after all; she just remained in her old dis-empowered programming.

Dominance struggles are not something you “win over her.” Dominance struggles are simply something that you are responsible for managing. You just keep right on being the leader. Either she follows your lead, or both parties lose.

PS – This seems a little intimidating, doesn’t it? It’s OK you can admit it. And I’ve got you covered.

“Be The Fucking Man,” gives you examples and case studies about how to deal with and win these compliance struggles.

Let me show you exactly how it’s done here.
Be The Fucking Man!

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