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Let’s answer a question from one of the readers in today’s newsletter.

** Question From a Reader **

“…I’m very frustrated that I’m not making progress and reaching my goal of being a great seducer. It seems so far away and all the stories I hear about other guys having success just depresses me more and convinces me that I’m farther away than ever.

I can’t think of anything else. I thought obsessing over it would bring it to me.

What’s going on?”

– Jason

>> My Answer:

First of all, if your goal is to be a “seducer”, you’ve signed up for the wrong newsletter my man.

The only person you’ll be seducing is yourself.

Having said that, I’ll continue with some general advice on goals because…

From what you’ve sent me, that will help you the most.

I like goals and we all have them,

They are a good thing.

However, being obsessed with them over everything else in your life,


Having the wrong goals for the wrong reasons…

Won’t make you any happier once you reach them.

In fact, once you reach them you might be miserable.

And, you’re missing the entire point.

Agonizing about not reaching goals and forgetting what you have learned on the journey is…

A major waste!

The major value of reaching a goal is not to acquire it,

But it’s the person you become WHILE you are working to acquire it.

If you reach a goal, but don’t like who you’ve become, there’s no point… is there?

There’s a famous psychologist, Abraham Maslow, who created “The hierarchy of human needs”…

And do you know what he put on the top?


That’s a fancy way of saying, who you become while you’re working to fill the other needs.

And according to him, that’s THE most important thing.

When you realize that the game is not just about the goal…

But who you become during the journey,

Then some your goals may change.

Running the race and running well, that is the real prize.

Winning is not so important.

It’s how you play the game, not whether you win or lose.

Liking who you become is also what you are playing toward.

You want to become a better version of yourself.

Consider the goal of being a great “seducer” and tricking girls into sleeping with you.

When you get there and accomplish that, are you going to like who you have become?


Are you seeing it now?

Consider the goal of giving good energy, being inspiring and the type of guy who women are naturally attracted to…

A guy who practices effortless effort and walks around as if he doesn’t have a care in the world…

And when you get there and you accomplish that, are you going to like who you’ve become?

Of course you will. 🙂

So… when you set your goals, one of the most important questions you will need to start asking is,

“When I get there and accomplish that, am I going to like who I’ve become?”

Remember… who you become is more important than what you win.

Some people have their self-awareness dial set to, “numb”.

The reason is because they have pursued goals that weren’t worthwhile…

And even though they’ve been successful,

It’s turned them into someone who even “they” don’t want to know!

So change your goals,

Change your reasons,

Change your life.

Hope this helps.

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