I’m afraid women will see me as a player if I approach every woman in the room…

Today we have a good question:

“I’m really starting to get this stuff, but now I’m facing a new problem.

I’m afraid women will now see me as a player.

Is there anything wrong with this?

How do you deal with it?”

– Steve

*** My Answer ***

Logic, my friend.

Here’s how your conversations SHOULD go down…

Her: You are such a player.

You: And your point would be?

Her: Well, I want a man to pay attention to me, only. Why are you that way?

You: Would you agree that it’s hard to find somebody to click with?

Her: Yes

You: Would you also agree that you have to date a few different people to increase the chances of meeting someone great?

Her: Yes

You: So, are you saying that I should sit on my couch, watching T.V. every night, while waiting for the right woman to walk through my living room?

Her: No

You: Exactly. Any more questions?

Yes my friends.

It is that easy.

And I can show you all the finer details on how you can do this too.

Ok, so you might be reading this right now, and you’re probably wondering…

“What’s The Best Way For Me to REALLY Learn This Stuff?”

Hey, I’m glad you asked.

Success with women really comes down to learning a new way to think about women, then combining it with the actual techniques that cause women to feel that magical emotion called ATTRACTION.

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This material isn’t taught anywhere else.

It’s the best investment you can make in your dating life, period… end of story.

Bottom line: Go get your copy.

And I’ll talk to you again in a couple of days.


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