Why pickup tricks don’t work anymore.

Listen closely:

Pick up (As we know it) is rapidly dying.

For example:

There was recently a seminar, where a guy got up on stage and told about his

“Worst night ever”…

3 separate groups of women had each accused him of being a, “Sleaze bag pick

up artist.”

(Poor guy, he was choking back tears.)

But I wasn’t at all surprised.

In 2018 there are very few women who don’t know about this stuff.

And this is bad news for most guys.

(Especially guys who are just starting out.)

Because it doesn’t matter how smooth your “game” is…

…or how much you work on yourself.

Because when you approach women they immediately accuse you of being


…and immediately resent and reject you.

It’s only going to get worse.

But there is a simple solution.

This might be a major paradigm shift for some guys.

But it’s a shift you HAVE to make.

And in this short report you’ll learn about the death of pick up and why game

doesn’t work anymore.

Don’t waste your time trying to pick girls up anymore…

This is so much better.

BTW, this is what the most successful, “Naturals” do.

And why they are ALWAYS getting laid.

Go here now to learn how

‘Your Perfect Girlfriend’ ebook


P.S. I’ll let you in on another secret…

It’s EASY to date multiple girls at once doing this too.

And with what you’re about to learn you could date a new girl every month or a

dozen at once, if you want of course. 🙂

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