One of the biggest players I ever knew was actually… a woman!

And guess what?

She wouldn’t be caught dead looking for guys in bars and clubs.

No way.

She had a boyfriend.

And instead of, “Getting lucky” every now and again…

…this allowed her to always have a steady stream.

But don’t get me wrong.

She was never serious about these guys.

Oh no.

They served one purpose and one purpose only.

(Which was probably why she had a new one every couple of weeks)

But if you think about this, it makes sense…

I mean they say you should never “Buy the cow, when you can get the milk for


(So why go hunting, when you can farm instead?)

And I’ll also be the first to admit:

This new way just works better.

You see, women don’t want random hook-ups, they want BOYFRIENDS.

Which is the REAL reason why it’s so difficult to pick up women in the first


…and why so few men are consistently successful.

STOP trying to be a PUA and do this instead.

It’s the fastest shortcut to sleeping with gorgeous women.

If you need help with this, read this short guide called Your Perfect Girlfriend

The message of this guide is simple:

Women who want good sex get boyfriends.

And if you put out the, “Girlfriend vibe”…

You will effortlessly attract these women in no time at all.

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