5 Creepy Messaging Habits You Need To Stop.

We all have bad habits.
But some habits cost us dates, sexual escapades, and even potential girlfriends. And you may not even be aware of them. But that’s okay, the first step is being aware.

So let’s start, shall we

Over Texting:
Texting repeatedly usually doesn’t solve anything. As a matter of fact it pisses most girls off, and it displays neediness (the number one woman repellant). This one is pretty important, and it’s actually one of the first things I’ll be teaching in ‘Text That Girl’

Getting Sexual Too Early:
This is a big one…There’s a right way to get sexual with a girl. There needs to be a natural progression, and if you don’t do it right, you’ll just come off as a creep.

Not Asking Her Out:
The whole purpose of getting a phone number is to meet up with her. Some guys notice women’s replies get slower, and less enthusiastic over time…and it’s probably because these women want you to ask them out, and you missed that window.

Waiting Too Long To Send Her That First Text:
I have no idea who created this rule. Some people wait two days, some people a week. Stop it. When you wait that long she’s probably forgotten about you, and is talking to another guy. This will ESPECIALLY kill your chances on dating sites, and dating apps like Tinder, where timing is crucial

Sending The Same Thing As Everyone Else:
Ask any girl you’re friends with, and they will tell you almost every guy who has their number texts the same, exact, thing…If you want to capture her attention you must be unique. This applies to Tinder, online dating, texting, everything really.

All these mistakes make it impossible to get laid, or find a nice gal.

Seriously, if you’re doing any of these things stop immediately.

It’s time to pick up some good habits. Simple little shifts in your messaging life that will increase your number of dates exponentially. And you can learn it all in my Texting Masterpiece, Text That Girl.

From writing creative first messages that always get a fast reply or text message that’ll make her excited, and want to meet you. To picking up new habits that’ll make her want to message you more.

This program will introduce you to EVERYTHING I’ve kept hidden away to myself, and my close friends for the past decade. So join me now on a journey to texting greatness.

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