Is this the DEATH of pick up ?

Quick question:

Think back to where you first heard about the “seduction community”…

Most likely it was through a website, magazine, book, newspaper or even on TV.

Today most people hear about this stuff on YouTube.

And here’s the problem with that:

YOUTUBE has pretty much killed the seduction community!

You see, today there are literally THOUSANDS of channels devoted to giving out

dating advice.

As a result almost every women knows about, “Creepy pickup artists.”

Not only that, they’ve become hyper aware of HOW guys hit on them.

And because of this, pickup artistry is in a crocodile death roll.

Fact is, today’s women DON’T want to be picked up.

But that’s okay.

(It’s a good thing actually.)

Because there’s an easy way to turn this around use it to your advantage AND

come out ahead

Bottom line?

PUA is dying.

And if you’re ready to evolve and take it to the next level…

Here’s what you need to do now to survive The Death of Pickup

P.S. PUA is in a death spiral. And if you are still trying to become a master pickup

artist, you are wasting your time.

That being said, this isn’t a bad thing and you CAN use it to your advantage.

Want to know how?

Read this new report about The Death of Pickup.

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