The Way To Get Her Interested

Have you ever stared at a disgustingly HOT chick, only to become disappointed?

It’s not her rock-hard nipples peeking through her top that disappoint you. Nor the shine coming off her perfect legs. And her round hips and butt? Yeah, those aren’t the problem either.

Your disappointment comes from the UPHILL climb you dread. You start to think about just how HARD it will be to get her in the sack. To see what’s underneath those tight clothes.

And then what? You GIVE UP before you even started. You won’t even stare at her anymore. Because you know you CAN’T have her.

To make things worse, some other douchebag comes along. Strikes up a quick convo with her. And then something odd happens that totally PISSES you off. She leaves with him!

How the hell did he do it? Did he spray some magic dust in her face? Hypnotize her with his eyes? Who knows? But you could get the same effect with just this…..


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