“Respect is all you have left in the morning….”

It’s a head’s up match at 4am when KGB goes all-in…

McDermott: “That’s $4,400. I’m gonna call you. Or else, I won’t respect myself tomorrow morning.”

Teddy (KGB): “Respect is all you have left in the morning!”

This scene ends beautifully with KGB’s ego taking over and going all in…

McDermott (Matt Damon) wins this pivotal hand and pisses off KGB (John Malkovich)…

Settling his debt once and for all.

Sometimes your nuts are all you’ve got.

Especially when you can back ’em up.

And that’s the key.

Make sure you can back up your bets and that your bite is as bad, or worse, than your bark.

Rounders is a hell of a movie if you ask me.

Shows the art of preparation.



The need to go all in.

And an often misused character trait inspired by….

… a real life 1998 World Series of Poker hand won by Johnny Chan over an inexperienced Erik Seidel, where the perfect use of “controlled aggression” was masterfully witnessed.

What’s “controlled aggression” you ask?

The ability to stay calm under pressure, waiting for your perfect time to strike…

After your opponent has beat their chest so hard, they’ve lost all sense of reality of the REAL situation…

The kicker?

By using “controlled aggression”, you win the game even before your opponent realizes you’ve started playing.

Use it wisely young grasshopper.

“Controlled aggression”, combined with passing her tests the way it is taught it this book…

Game Over.

Here’s where to join us:

‘No More Shit Tests’

See you inside.