Honoring the differences between men and women!

A lady reader sent this:


“Men and women do not honor their differences today.

That is the reason why are so many divorces and relationships between men and women today are so bad.

That is also why sex isn’t working in many bedrooms.

My husband and I have a friend who is marrying a controlling woman.

We have a hard time understanding this, but she is attractive to him because he is such a weak guy.

Now he can’t have friends anymore. He is home with her like in prison. He lost his freedom entirely.

I will tell him about your material when I see him.

Controlling women are searching for that nice guy they can play games with them, having a good life with a nice guy, but for sex and fun will be somebody else.”


Unfortunately, your friend is weak. He has fallen into the Nice Guy provider role.

He will get no respect. And no sex.

What’s worse, this controlling wife of his will end up having hot sex with a Bad Boy and will eventually leave him.

He will be devastated and wonder why she would leave him after he did everything she wanted.


Unfortunately most guys today have full-blown Nice Guy Syndrome.

It is paralyzing and stops a man from truly being who he is meant to be.

It must be cured.

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