Role-playing and why exactly “That s**t works.”

First off, we need to explain what role-playing is.

Role-playing is the act of playfully giving girls roles and/or giving yourself a role and acting them out in an interaction.

Role-playing is an example of leading a woman on an emotional journey, which is the first of MY attraction switches, to go with the main 3.

RP first and foremost brings girls out of the here and now.

It is important to distinguish ourselves from other guys by getting out of the here and now.

By telling the girl you are going to dress her up as an angel, etc. you stop her from thinking about how she’s getting hit on in a bar.

The next important part of RP is that it allows her to take on a role and do things she may not have done with out the role.

An example of this is the stripper names routine, which allows you to both walk away from her, get her to chase you and ask you for your name.

RP also pumps buying temperature.

This means that the more emotional a girl gets, the more open to escalation she becomes. So if you can get a girl laughing really hard, she becomes less logical and thus easier to game.

Logic is your enemy so the more that you can disengage her logical mind by getting her to think about a ridiculous situation the less inclined to be logical she will become.

Because after all you’re not really going to dress her up in a toga and take her to Greece.

Now that we know what we are trying to do with role-playing, where does it fit into a set?

Well like a butter knife, the role-playing concept has quite a few uses.

First you can use it as a transition from an opener into a normal conversation.

You can use it in attraction to add some more emotion to a staling set or to pump buying temp before you try to move or escalate.

You can use it on the phone as call back humor.

You can use it in the bedroom, but that’s an entirely different post.

Now sure, if you struggle with conversation this all might be hard, but that’s why I made the Effortless Conversation System.

Make your life easier and check it out!

3 Role Plays to Test Out Tonight

Finally in the spirit of generosity I will give you guys some role-plays that you can use tonight.

1: You know what I’m going to do with you guys? I’m going to dress you guys up like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and we are going to go run around the bar making sure everyone is behaving.

You’re going to be Donatello, cause you’re the leader. You’re going to be Leonardo because you seem like the coolest. You’re Michelangelo because you’re totally the life of the party. And you’re going to be Raphael because you’re totally the feisty one.

2. I am going to take you on a romantic date… to the Sizzler. And you can order anything on the menu. Even the $6 dollar steak. (I use this all the time!)

3. I’m going to get you guys a bunch of wigs and shiny clothes and we are going to have our own American Idol contest right here. And the winner gets to hang out with me all night!

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